About Us

As solar industry veterans, we recognized the opportunity to improve commerce cap- abilities across the solar value chain, by :
  • Delivering a better buying & selling experience
  • Enabling solar companies to be more competitive
  • Reducing source-to-procurement cycles

What We Do

To improve solar industry commerce capabilities, the Solar Exchange team is :

  • Building a global trading community
  • Enabling collaboration between buyers and suppliers, large or small, anywhere in the world
  • Delivering powerful B2B auction tools


Solar Exchange enables your company to :

  • Connect with the global solar trading community
  • Access new sourcing partners & sales opportunities
  • Reduce procurement costs & accelerate sales cycles

How It Works

Simply register on SolarExchange.com and get ready to take part in online auctions, quote requests, networking activities and other services available from SolarExchange.com. A one-time registration provides you with access to all the services. Once you are registered with us, you can immediately benefit from a better solar buying and selling experience. So…get started today to take advantage of The SOLAR Marketplace℠, with Solar Exchange.

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Register on SolarExchange.com to get access to the solar services we are offering. You can establish a user account as a buyer, seller or both and get your unique login ID and password. Learn More

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